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Are you a recently graduated data scientist? Did you recently start a PhD, or are you interested in starting a PhD?

If you are passionate about Data Science but you also want to have a hands on experience in a cutting edge company we have an offer that you should consider. At the R&D department of TRACASA we are looking for people recently graduated who are interested in both research and industrial applications. We are a prestigious Artificial Intelligence team, we develop solutions on the fields of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing bringing value to our clients that include European institutions of the Copernicus Programme.

If you want to pursue an academic career, of just want a PhD degree, we can support you. We will integrate your PhD work into our operational work so you will have an industry job while at the same time you can get a PhD degree.

You will work at:

· Development of AI models in the fields of Computer Vision and Natural Language Process.

· Research and publication of papers and participation to international congresses on the above-mentioned topics.

· Product development starting from low TRLs.

· Development of pilot applications using AI models cloud deployed on Azure or AWS.

· Contribute to building proposals for Research Programmes such as Horizon Europe.

We offer:

· Good economic compensation.

· Great work/life balance (1592 hours yearly, that’s 35 hours a week).

· Hybrid presence model (25% work from home).

· Living in a city with one of the highest quality of life indexes in the world. Our Quality of Life Index is higher than, for example, Zurich.

· The opportunity to work in a highly regarded AI lab. Did you know we are the winner of the latest AI4EO challenge organized by the European Space Agency?


We are looking for:

· Recent university graduates.

· People with some degree on Data Science.

· People with enough knowledge to perform one or more of the following:

o Create and train a Deep Neural Network on the fields of Computer Vision and/or Natural Language Processing.

o Create or use an existing blockchain network and validate transactions.

o Set-up a data lake in the cloud and retrieve meaningful insights on demand.

· People who like to make a difference and can demonstrate how they do it.

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